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Women of Destiny Ministries by Pastor Cheryl

Seeing women become all that God destined for them is my passion. I strongly believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit to go deep into our soul and heal us. God heals us of every soul wound, bondage, bitterness, strongholds of rejection, rebellion, mistrust, and deception. I have experienced amazing gatherings where women were delivered mightily by the Lord. I believe that the women of Gateway are world changers in the making – as they yield and submit to the disciplines of the Lord and remain dependent on the true source.( the Holy Spirit) They will Arise into their God-Given Destiny.


  • To empower women to reach out to others in their sphere of influence.
  • To offer a place of peace for the broken & hurting women to find the truth that frees, and God’s Love that heals.
  • To engage in true fellowship, building relationships of trust that bring wholeness.
  • To lay a godly foundation of truth through the Word of God that will enable these women to mature and reproduce themselves in others. They would know the God of the Bible, not just reading the word as a practice but discovering deep treasures as they continually depend on the Holy Spirit to open their heart and reveal the truth.


  • To maintain multiple weekly prayer groups to strengthen faith and friendships.
  • To have bi-monthly meetings ( Heart 2 Heart) where women can gather to share heart to heart. Women share testimonies, worship God, learn from the word of God on various topics, and have the opportunity to be prayed for.
  • To host an annual Women of Destiny Conference in South Florida. This provides opportunities for the Gateway women to be a part of the Vision, serving in many different aspects as they utilize their gifts.
  • To encourage a yearly 3-day retreat for the women usually out of the state.
  • To reach out as a women’s ministry to the abused women, children’s homes, foster homes, children of inmates. We would minister with tangible handmade gifts, prayer and constant encouragement of the scriptures. Benevolence ministry women in prison, to abused women, foster children, children of inmates and women’s etiquette, cooking, sewing, parenting classes for betterment.

Adopting a Family

  1. In the community to care for in a tangible way, as a women team- revealing Christlikeness.
  2. In the Island of Haiti (to begin with- expanding to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada)

** note once obtaining our new facility the daycare center, afterschool tutoring program, Christian school to be put in place.

I strongly believe in the importance of the older women teaching the younger women. The scriptures promote this and it is truly needed. Starting January 2016, I will hold monthly mentoring sessions with women who sense a call to lead a ministry (or are already in ministry) I will bring other seasoned ministers to participate from time to time.

“Silence is where IT happens”

Women’s Heart to Heart

I’m uncomfortable with silence. I feel like nothing’s happening. Normally, I don’t have the patience to ignore the noise I make in order to wait on God. But at tonight’s Women’s Heart2Heart held in the beautiful home of Pastor Cheryl Sejour, I realize that with God, silence is where it happens.

All Pastor Cheryl said to the small group of Gateway ladies, sacrificing their time to attend the meeting was, “Let’s take a moment to be silent and wait on God.” Let me make this very clear, prior to saying this statement, we freely gave God our thanks through worship, and told Him our needs and our hurts in prayer, and gave Him our praise, and also our questions. But now it was time to be quiet. To linger in God’s presence and give Him the opportunity to show us a perspective we didn’t have before.

Dwelling in the silence allowed God to break a log jammed in our mind, so that He could show us a solution or an insight we never knew existed. Being in the silence created a chance for God to speak something new to our heart and grant us a new way of looking at each other or a new way of looking at a step we ought to take or a situation we have to manage. I’m telling you, God has so much He wants to show us, but He most-likely will not interrupt us while we are talking. I still can’t believe, that I’ve been missing out on those beautiful moments like this one, because I couldn’t let prayer be a dialogue, not just a monologue.

So Ladies, if you are anything like me, listening to God is going to take a lot of self-control and a little (maybe a lot of) practice, but it is so worth it. All you have to do is Listen and allow God to write His thoughts on the canvas of our waiting heart. Hope to fellowship with even more of you beautiful ladies at Gateway’s next Women’s Heart2Heart.

Article was written by Sheena Augustin-Fenelon on May 22, 2016

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