About Gateway Family

Foursquare Church
Miami Gardens, Flordia

About Gateway Family Foursquare Church

In a world where the moral decay is gaining more and more momentum and the buzz word is whatever feels good do it, it is reassuring to know that God has established in his word a standard for his people to live by. The world’s mindset, of course, stands squarely in opposition to God’s standard found in his word. In fact, the word of God is being ignored, ridiculed and mocked by his opponents in an unprecedented fashion, and sadly, segments of the church are shamefully departing from the truth of God’s word, resulting in utter confusion in the body of Christ.

We, at Gateway Family Foursquare Church firmly believe that the Bible is unquestionably the sole authority for godly, proper human conduct and behavior. We also believe that it is the only sure compass that can direct us in the right direction in our brief pilgrimage here on this earth. If you are looking for a bible believing Church that squarely places the word of God at the center of every activity, we invite you to pay us a visit and you will not be disappointed.

Our 10 Core Values

  1. A place where Jesus-Christ is placed at the center of every activity
  2. A place where the unadulterated word of God the Bible is taught
  3. A place where unconditional love is practiced
  4. A place that is committed to reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus-Christ
  5. A place that is committed to mending the broken hearted with the love of Christ
  6. A place that is committed to teaching the command of Christ
  7. A place that is committed to raising up leaders for the work of Christ
  8. A place that is committed to meaningful relationships
  9. A place that is submitted to the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  10. A place that is committed to advancing the Kingdom of God

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
16801 NW 18th Ave
Miami Gardens, Florida 33055

Phone: 786-288-9336

Email: gatewayfoursquarechurch@gmail.com